Mar Esperanza

The Mar Esperanza Project wants to approach the sea and its values to children with chronic or serious diseases that are hospitalized in different Catalan hospitals.

At the same time, we want to raise awareness of the healthy children and their schools to in the reality of the world they live in and make them able to live and work with children who, for their health, cannot approach to the sea.

In short, we want to make the sea as a point of convergence for learning and social affinity.
Mar de Esperanza wants to be an open window to the sea in these hospitals for these children’s enjoyment of what, in this delicate moment of their life, they have so far, while filling them with life. We want children to touch the sea and feel it. In the same way, we want to involve children to learn from the sea and to take care for it, and also we want to involve in this work the children of schools that are not in the hospital.

Hospital, school and sea should be a learning unit and union of the smaller ones, to make them aware of the reality in which they live and at the same time allow them to live a new, full of life experience.

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