Fundación Biodiversidad approves the project – Invasive marine species in Bahía dels Alfalcs. Environmental impact and management tools.

At the end of 2017, the Fundación Biodiversidad issued the resolution approving the projects presented in the call for granting aid, under competitive conditions, to carry out activities in the field of terrestrial biodiversity, marine and coastal biodiversity in 2017, in which Fundacion Mar presented in the project “Invasive marines species in Bahía dels Alfalcs. Environmental impact and management tools“.

Bahía dels Alfalcs is formed by the growth of the Delta del Ebro and has a unique ecosystem on the Catalan coast. However, studies have determined a high presence of invasive species, finding up to 5 different species with high coverage. Since the terrestrial area is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and that in the future the marine space can be included, it’s a priority to determine the presence of protected and invasive species for future management plans.

The objetives of the project are:

  • Determine the number of alien and invasive species present in the target areas
  • Evaluate the environmental impact generated by invasive species through the Biopoll index
  • Prepare an environmental and ecological diagnosis with a contingency plan and corrective measures to reduce the impact, as well as avoid and prevent other ecological risks
  • Edition of informative material for the main agents of the territory and the sea

Just like you

We invite you to enjoy the images of this video, where Miguel Lozano, silver medal in the world championship deep 2015, is mimicked with some families of whales.

A wonder images where the goodness of these animals is reflected.


Conference on climate change

On Saturday, May 6, the conference on climate change was held by Mrs. Elvira Carles, Director of Fundación Empresa y Clima and Mr. Miquel Ventura, director of the Fundación Mar.

Mrs. Carles, explained the negative effects of global climate change and Mr. Ventura, the changes and impacts they are having in the area of the Mediterranean. They also gave us some clues about what to do on our day to day stay to avoid going any further.

In the following link you can access the presentation of Mrs. Elvira Carles.

Efectes Canvi Climàtic a nivell mundial


Effects of climate change

End of 2015 was very quiet, in relation to strong storms recorded on our coasts. This caused that the temperature of the water did not diminish of the 14º. This fact caused that during the autumn of 2016 we were with high mortality episodes of gorgonias, even with hundreds in some points like Cabo de Begur. The effects have been very negative in some points, where at the beginning of this year 2017 still can be observed some dead copies covered with opportunistic algae.
We hope that this year will improve the situation, due to the low temperatures that are being recorded so far. This may help to prevent the degradation of biological communities from recurring.


Two images of gorgonians dead and covered by opportunistic algae.

Award of the project of the sea of hope

Last Thursday Mr. Jordi Cabarrocas, president of the Mar Foundation, was in charge of collecting the National Solidarity Territories award, for the Mar de Esperanza project.

This new recognition helps us, once again, to plan activities at sea with children who are suffering terrible diseases, giving them a totally different day to day and outside their usual environment.


Signing of the Marine Custody collaboration agreement

At the end of Decembre 2016, the collaboration agreement was signed between the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Fundació Privada Mar, for the realization of a project of marine custody within the space of Red Natura 2000 of Massís de Cadiretes, in the sector located in front of the town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

This is a very innovative project, which aims to ensure the maintenance and restoration of natural habitats and species of fauna and flora of community interest, in a favorable conservation state, through which the Red Natura 2000 has been declared the Massís de Cadiretes.

For more information about theproject, click here

Solidarity Territories BBVA Awards

Last June, we again presented the Sea of Hope (Mar de Esperanza) project to the Solidatity Territories BBVA Awards, in which all the employees of the BBVA financial institution participate with their votes.

Sea of Hope (Mar de Esperanza), aims to bring the children and their families to the sea, either with a catamaran, prepared for a day in which they will discover that there are on the seabed through television screens and where our biologists board the boat, in short dives, ostopuses, sea urchins, starfish, etc., as a teaching day at the foot of the beach, where you can also discover part of the marine fauna in the area.

Sea of Hope (Mar de Esperanza), wants to make the children and their families to the sea, either with a boat trip, prepared for a day where they will discover that there are on the sea floor thourgh television screens and where our biologists climb to the boat, in short dives, octopuses, sea urchins, starfish, etc., as a teaching day on the beach, where they can also discover part of the marine fauna in the area.

For more information click here


The Fundació Mar, together with the company Q-Star and the architecture students David Tortajada and Paul Akaba, have designed an artificial biotope. The need to create this biotope arose from the assessment of the current precarious situation of marine biodiversity of our coasts and, simultaneously, the need to cover services beaconing of beaches in general.

At this point, the biologists of the Fundació Mar, carried out the study of analysis of potential marine biodiversity that would be generated in an artificial biotope. With the data obtained, we worked with the architects, what would be the best structure for both biota and construction, since it must withstand the inclemency of the environment.

The result of the design of the coastal band habitat (HBL) is this:


Coastal Band Habitat (HBL)


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