1. The Board.

Currently our board is composed of : 

Jordi Cabarrocas Riera (President)

Alejandro Figueras Garriga (Vice-president)

Josep Mª Dominguez Viñolas (Secretary)

Pere Guardiola Tey (Treasurer)

Sebastiá Vives (Member)

Miquel Ventura Monsó (Member and Director)

Òscar Rodríguez Sadurní (Member)

Bruno Figueres (Member)

  1. Organization chart


President                                Vice presidemt

                                       Mr. Jordi Cabarrocas                        Mr. Àlex Figueras

Secretary                                               Treasure                                                          Director

Mr. Josep Maria Dominguez                  Mr. Pere Guardiola Tey                            Mr. Miquel Ventura


          Mr. Vives Sebastia, Mr. Miquel Ventura,  Mr. Oscar Rodriguez, Mr. Bruno Figueras.


3.Remuneration received by the main positions of the entity.

In accordance with the Article 19 of the Foundation’s bylaws “Employers hold office for free, without prejudice to the right to be reimbursed for duly justified expenses and compensation for the damages suffered by developing of the duties inherent in the position.

4. Statutes Foundation Mar.

The Fundació Mar’s bylaws were constituted before a notary in 2004, and they were adapted according to the first transitional provision of Law 4/2008 of April 24 Law, of the Civil Code of Catalonia third book on legal persons, and Law 5/2011 of July 19 Law, prior modification, March 7, 2013.

They can be found at:




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